I’m sorry to say that I will not be able to continue with this site. Work has thrown me an unexpected loop and project that will keep me overly busy for a few months. While I could likely keep it up now and then it would not be with consistency. As you have seen in the few reviews I have done, one thing I pick on is when promised updates are not delivered. I don’t appreciate that in a fan site and I’m not going run a site like that. I am very happy with the response and support I had from the producers and genre fans and feel bad for what might be seen as a false start or wasting their time. However this real life development blindsided me and could not have been seen coming otherwise I would not have started on this in the first place. If the site had built up to the point it was more self-sustaining then something could have been worked out but it was still in the growth stage and loss of momentum in that stage spells the end of any project, so best to bow than try to sail a half sinking ship.


Let me just say that regardless of how high or low any site is rated out there, as a fan I’m thankful for everyone’s efforts and will certainly still be moving my memberships around as I have for the good part of this last 10 years. I’m very impressed with all but one of the producers I have spoken with. I can tell they are all true fans and interested in fan’s opinions. To the one guy, and you know who you are, who only has critisizm for other producers, myself, and everyone else in the world but himself, well I won’t be buying anymore videos from you. I’m sorry but when a producers starts mocking his fans and calling them losers and then goes to toss personal insults at other producers all the while saying I would have no right to review his stuff, well he is is lacking any class and decorum and can only be a cancer to the genre.


That said, quality and options for fans are only increasing and moving forward and I look forward to what you all have for us fans in the future.


Thanks again for your support

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